Photoshop Tutorial – London Bus

In this photoshop tutorial i will show you how to create a stunning color cutout image with a nice halftone effect in about 15 miuntes.

I used:

Adobe Photoshop (You can buy Adobe Photoshop here or receve a Free 30-day Trail) -
Topaz Clean Filter (You can buy the Topaz Clean Filter here or receve a Free 30-day Trail Key for the Filter.
I have a 30-day Trail now but i will definitely buy it because it saves me a lot of time.
A photo with a high resolution (I used a photo with 5184x3456px in JEPG)

Step 1: Create the Cartooned Layer

Let’s start by opening the image file, go to Filter>Topaz Clean and use the Cartooned Style. Adjust it with the controllers till it looks smooth with not to many hard edges and press OK. Name this Layer: Cartooned Layer

Step 2: Create the Edges Layer

Duplicate the Cartooned Layer. Select the copy of the Cartooned Layer and go to Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges. Adjust it with the controllers till it fits your needs and press OK.
(Medium Thick Edges, a medium Edge Intensity and a high Posterization work best). Name this Layer: Edges Layer

Step 3: Create the Dotted Layer

Duplicate the Edges Layer. Select the copy of the Edges Layer and go to Filter>Pixelate>Color Halftone (My Settings: Radius: 12 … 100 for the rest but you can play with the settings till it looks nice). Set the Blend Mode to: Luminosity and Fill to about 30%. Apply a new Layer Mask and draw with a black Brush on the Layer Mask. (You will find the Layer Mask at the bottom of the layers palette [The square with the circle Icon in it] or go to Layer>Layer Mask>Reveal All).
When you draw on the Layer Mask with black – you will erase parts of the picture. Erase the parts of the picture that you want to be without the dotted style. (Set the brush size as you need it but the hardness to about 97%). Name this Layer: Dotted Layer

Step 4: Create the Outline Layer

Select the Edges Layer and go to Select>Color Range. Select the black color (or the darkest) on your picture and press OK.
(Set a Fuzziness of about 89 … something like that).
Now as you have the dark areas selected apply a new Layer Mask. Name this Layer: Outline Layer

Step 5: Create the Blur Layer

Duplicate the Outline Layer. Select the copy of the Outline Layer and go to Filter>Blur>Radial Blur. Use Zoom as Blur Mode, point the crosshair to the vanishing point of your picture and press OK (Maybe you have to try a bit to match the vanishing point).
(The amount of the Radial Blur is up to you, I used 54 and the Quality to Good – If you use a high amount and Quality Best, it takes a bit longer to render the Radial Blur). Name this Layer: Blur Layer

Step 6: Create the Colored Objekts Layer

Select the Cartoon Layer and apply a Layer Mask. Draw with a black Brush on the Layer mask on the objekts that you want to be colored. (You will erase the object when you draw black on the layer mask as before). If you have finished erasing the objekt(s), invert the Layer Mask (Press strg+I with the Layer Mask selected). This will bring back the colored object and erase the rest of the picture. Rename this Layer: Colored Objekts Layer

Step 7: Create the White Layer

Create a new Layer and fill it with white color. Name this Layer: White Layer

Step 8: Order the Layers

Order the Layers (Layers are ordered like inside Photoshop: 1-Bottom to 6-Top)
6.Layer: Outline Layer
5.Layer: Colored Objekts Layer
4.Layer: A Copy of the Blur Layer if you want to have a bit more Blur
3.Layer: Blur Layer
2.Layer: Dotted Layer with Fill: 30% and Blend Mode to Luminosity
1.Layer: White Layer

And here is the final result:

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Tutorial!




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